Our Approach

"When a vision is supported by the right capital, focus, commitment and imagination - anything can happen."

Ryan Silverman, Chief Executive Officer

Our main objective is to align with like-minded partners who share our vision and values.

Growth Capital and Enterprise Solutions

Financing and Operational Joint Ventures

Strategic financing and operational partnerships

Capital Infusion and Liquidity

Acquisition of portfolio assets that can be acquired from funding platforms requiring liquidity


Strategic Mergers and Acquisitons

Strategic acquisitions of operating platforms with or without portfolio assets

Channel Partner Business Development

Developing new channels of revenue from others that are part of the specialty finance ecosystem


Investments in High Growth and Emerging Markets

As markets unfold, so do opportunities in new verticals, business models and industries

Technology Development and Data Integration Ventures

Fintech application development and integration with other strategic software platforms


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Investment Criteria

What we’re looking for

We are narrowly focused on uncorrelated specialty finance sectors including B2B and B2C financial technology, litigation finance, medical receivables finance, structured settlement finance, special situation opportunities, and other consumer and small business-related financial services.

Let's build together