Experienced in growth capital
Accomplished in growing businesses

Experity Ventures has significant experience and success in sourcing, raising and investing capital. We leverage our proven operating expertise to build and grow our fund investments, businesses and platforms.

Our Background

Established in 2016, Experity Ventures LLC is led by a diverse team of accomplished entrepreneurs and executives with complementary skill sets and deep management experience in the financial services and technology sectors. The Experity Ventures team works cohesively with our partners to create and develop strategic goals, and to establish key metrics and benchmarks while providing board level expertise across each platform.

We help create synergies in overall operations and sourcing between internal and external participants, while fostering knowledge and idea sharing that help enable cross selling and collaboration opportunities.

Enterprise Management and Operating Platform (EMOP)

Our partners benefit by leveraging the Experity Ventures EMOP resources for guidance and support in key business areas such as finance, capital markets, underwriting and risk management, legal, accounting, marketing, information technology, data analytics and human resources.

Let's Build Together